On April 3rd, TheVolleyLife will be hosting a Men’s doubles tournament at King Pin Lanes in St. Louis, Mo, located here. View teams here. Link to schedule.

Facility Info:

  • This will be hosted in an indoor sand dome facility.
  • The dome is connected to a bowling alley with access to food, bar, and restrooms.
  • The bar and food will be available. 
  • Tournament starts at 8am.
  • No glass or outside alcoholic beverages.
  • Please wear masks when entering and exiting the facility.
  • Masks are not required while playing.
  • Do your best to social distance when not playing excluding the team you're there with.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after your games.
  • Bring your own water bottles.

Tournament Info: (view teams here)

  • Play starts at 8:30am
  • 9 teams total.
  • Spread out over 2 indoor sand courts.
  • 1 game against every team.
  • Pool play games are to 19.
  • Top 6 teams advance to the playoffs. (If time permits, we may take all teams)
  • First round of playoffs will be one game 21. Semi's and finals will be matches which are best of 3. First 2 sets are to 21 with a 23 point cap. Third set is to 15 with no cap. Per the AVP rules, we're also adopting "The Freeze". Once it's match point, only the serving team can score a point, and no let serve. Must win by 2.
  • Playoffs are single elimination.
  • $200 for first place. 
  • $100 for second place.