Fuds Spring 2023 Tournament Is Around The Corner!

Fuds Spring 2023 Tournament Is Around The Corner!

If you've never been to what's called "Fuds", you're really missing out! We like to call it Mardi Gras and Volleyball mixed together for 5 days on a beach. The primary focus of the tournament is the 4's tournament that's a two day tournament starting on Saturday. Wednesday through Friday consists of one day tournaments doubles, co-ed doubles, and co-ed 4's. Each night there's a "Players Party" at a local bar. Between the playing, drinking, sun, and partying, those who can survive until Sunday, have really accomplished something. We'll more here as it gets closer. So if you haven't been, sing up now and get down there! 

The tournament is usually held over the course of a weekend in mid to late April,  and mid to late October and it attracts both amateur and professional players. Teams compete in a range of categories, including men's and women's doubles, co-ed doubles, and co-ed fours.

In addition to the volleyball action, the Fuds Volleyball Tournament also features a lively atmosphere with food and drink vendors, live music, and other entertainment. The event attracts both participants and spectators, making it a fun-filled weekend for all who attend.


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